Thursday, April 30, 2015


Maybe I needed to tap into my competitive nature to really figure out how to enjoy running.

Maybe I needed my fancy super supportive running shoes.

Maybe I needed the awesome app to show me how far and long I was running.

I think it was mostly the awesome app. I had always run on a treadmill so I could see how far I'd gone and have a nice little calorie counter there to show me how many glasses of wine I could drink that evening. But running on a treadmill is an incredibly different experience.

Like, really, really different.

I still like the treadmill but it feels a whole lot different to actually move your body instead of having something under you move with or without your assistance.

Yesterday I ran a mile without walking at an 11:29 pace.

I ran a total of 1.64 miles in 20 minutes (with a little bit of walking).

Right now I'm mostly limited by the fact that I have to pick up the girls and depending on when I get out of the office, that determines the amount of time I have to run. But I'm increasing my pace and increasing the distance I can run in a given time period.

I'm gaining actual confidence in my ability to run and I'm having fun.

Those are things I never would have expected from running.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Getting my motivation back

After being out of town on a work trip for a week.

Then home on my own with the girls for the weekend.

Then crazy busy at work catching up.

Then sick.

It's been really hard to maintain any semblance of diet or exercise plan and I"m up almost 3 lbs from where I had been at the beginning of April. *blech*

I also feel slower, heavier and completely unmotivated.

So, I just bought a bathing suit.

A once piece, not a biniki, but still. Something to hang on the door and stare at, knowing I have to wear that sucker in a few months (weeks).

Pretty basic, nice low back though, I don't like the high back suits.

So, that's the plan.

Run more.

Eat less.

Five weeks until pool season begins.

Silly picture of Ali.

We're having some work done on the house and my husband couldn't resist snapping some shots of her on the bobcat the workers left yesterday. Wait until you see all the changes we've done the last few weeks, it's pretty exciting!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A week's perspective

I was out of town this whole last week at a convention for work. It's one I've attended for probably 8 or 9 years. I got out of the one last year because Elle was only about 12 or 13 weeks old and I had only been back from maternity leave for 5 minutes or so. The year before, we just had Ali and I shortened my trip. I flew out Tuesday morning and came back Thursday evening, so really my husband only had her for three days.

This year I didn't have any good excuse not to go (I should preface this by saying my boss and his wife left their four children at home with the grandparents, so my little two, home with Daddy, weren't on their radar as unmanageable) and after missing the trade show last year, I really did feel like I was behind the whole rest of the year and had missed out on the details of so much.

So we called in back up and my mother was around Monday and Tuesday. My mother in law was around Tuesday evening through Friday morning.

I flew out Monday morning and came back Friday afternoon.




Usually these trade shows involve pre dinner parties, dinner parties and after parties and in previous years (i.e. in my twenties) I would participate in all happily and enthusiastically. I'm sure there are still some stories out there...that I don't want to remember.

This year I still went to the dinners, but managed to skip out on all the after parties and went to bed, sober, at a reasonable time every night except one. That one was a late night, but still sober.

And each morning I got up.

In my hotel room.


And enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee.


And took a shower.


It was a little piece of heaven.

It was also a whole heck of a lot of work, long days, tired feet, sore back and missing my babies every single minute of the day...except for about an hour each morning. Where I reveled in the quiet.

When I got back on Friday I picked up the girls from school a little early and it was wonderful. The best reception I could have asked for. Ali kept squealing 'You Came Back!' As if she were worried I wouldn't. And Elle ran to me, stopped short, looked at me, flung herself around my neck and cried. It  was so sweet. It was like she couldn't quite deal, it was too much, she was so happy to see me, tears.

And then this morning:

Elle knocked my coffee cup and dumped it all down the front of me.

And then, while I was in the shower, Ali opened the door and asked to join me.

Yep. I'm home!!

I truly missed those two little silly gooses. but I think every mom needs a few days of quiet coffee and solo showers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Did I mention?

So I've actually been doing the whole Dinner...Done blog pretty regularly too.

Last week I didn't do a full dinner since it was a holiday weekend and we had plans the whole time, but I did try and LOVE this Deviled Egg Recipe from

I MADE THESE!! Aren't they pretty!! And so yummy!

I am so in love with her recipes and she has a book! That is totally on my Christmas list for this year.

Such fun!


I have said many times that I am not a runner.

My goal has been to get to a point where I can comfortably run 2 miles in under half an hour. Nothing crazy. 15 minute miles sounded pretty decent in my head considering I'm not much of a runner and even when I was really working at it, the fastest I ever got was 12 and a half minutes or so.

Just to keep track of my distance and calories, I downloaded the Track My Run fitness app and used it for the first time yesterday.

That's a pretty cool app, FYI.

So, I'm jogging along, listening to my music, minding my own business when all of a sudden a voice pops up in my ear phones that tells me I just ran one mile.

In 11 minutes and 26 seconds.


First off, having a little voice pop up in my ear unexpected about scared the pants off me, but then, I couldn't quite believe what I heard, so I had to stop and check the app.

Yep, one mile. In 11 minutes and 26 seconds.

I have a short little out and back route that I do and hadn't ever known what the distance was, only that it about fit the time I had before having to go get the girls.

Now I know, it's 1.64 miles and I did it yesterday in 19 minutes and 23 seconds.

That pretty much smashes my goal of two miles in 15 minutes.

So my next run will be a little different.

It will be a little longer and my goal will be two miles in 23 minutes.

After that, we'll be moving up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful weekend.

On Friday I took the day off work and kept the girls home from school and we went to Mama T's new house for an Easter egg hunt. I was really worried it would be hard to stay positive. Last year we had a big Easter egg hunt at her house with Max and his little brother William and their mother and all the kids. This year it was hard. Mama T has had to sell her house to pay the legal fees involved in the case and has moved north quite a bit to be closer to her parents and oldest son. All the kids couldn't make it and it was a much quieter event.

We had a great time. The kids played and played and hunted eggs and Mama T soaked up all the love and hugs and giggles.

Elle had no idea what to do with the basket, but she carried it around just fine.

Trying to get her to put the eggs in the basket.

My girls!

Gave up on the basket, just carried the eggs around. 

Ali had a blast!

Mama T and the crew

Sunday was another great day and the girls came with us to the Family service at church. They did so well. Ali especially was so well behaved and content to color and then dance when the music played. After church we had an egg hunt at home and Elle finally got the concept of putting the eggs in the basket and did such a great job following behind her big sister.

Ali at church

My mom and I with the girls

My family, look, there's my husband! He's real!

Elle picking up eggs.

Who me?

Ali having so much fun

I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bunnies or Rats?

Really. I'd like your opinion.

My mother in law made little chocolate Easter 'Bunnies' in a Pinterest style attempt.

This was the result.

Seriously, do you see bunnies or rats?

Needless to say, I did not eat one.

The attempt was appreciated though.