Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to feed a crowd (or two athletes) on short notice

I'm not sure how many of you are accustomed to feeding athletes but there is a significant difference in what a normal person eats and what an athlete eats.

When I say athlete, I mean someone who runs marathons, competes in triathlons, and tends to consider a 60+ mile cycling day as part of the normal routine.

Put more than one of those in a room, and you go through a lot of food.

A lot.

So when you get a text at 8 am from your athlete husband saying that his athlete friend is coming for dinner that night, it is normal to start to panic a little.

So, here was our menu for Monday night, which was basically our menu for the week, condensed.

Baked BBQ Chicken
Corn on the Cobb
Roasted Red Potatoes
Zucchini Casserole
Brownies (Thank you Betty Crocker)

And, I made it all in about an hour. Just over actually since the zucchini takes an hour to cook, but holy moly was that worth it! Really good casserole.

And, I made all of that while feeding dinner to the girls (leftovers from the weekend). Bathing Ali and putting Elle to bed before company arrived.


Take that!

(PS, my knee is better. I've been eating lighter. Feeling less bloated. Down two of the four nasty lbs and not feeling as low as I had been. Better week this week.)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weight gain, backslide, injury and frustration

I'm definitely fighting a few internal battles right now and a lot of the time am feeling a bit down. Which I'm not sure I actually realized until I started that sentence but now makes a lot more sense.

I'm wobbling up and down through these odd four pounds which is making me a little crazy. At the bottom of those four pounds, my clothes fit and I feel good. At the top, my clothes don't fit and I feel bloated and annoyed.

Four pounds. Four. Really? Why do they have to make that big a difference??

Some how they do and that's really annoying.

Meanwhile between a weather conspiracy and an inability to drag myself out of bed, I haven't been working out much.

Meanwhile, again, while not working out much, I did manage to get a nice long yoga workout in on Sunday morning while my mom had the girls, only to find myself the next day with a limp. And not a 'wow that was a good workout limp' - more like a 'WTF did I just do to myself limp'.

For some reason I thought that since I had a nice quiet morning, my very non stretched out self would benefit from a rather rigorous and advanced yoga routine.

For some reason, my body did not agree...

I'm already on a daily anti inflammatory routine for the pain in my knee, which is better, but that's not even touching this issue, which is awesome, and it's steadily gotten worse all week.

At this point I kind of just want to crawl under the couch and have another glass of wine.

This is me.

Monday, June 1, 2015

18 Month injuries

Maybe it's just a stage in development that these girls need to go through but I really don't appreciate this particular one.

Ali at 18 months took a header into the base of a pack n play and broke her two front teeth.

That was a scary trip to the dentist and, while I'm used to it now, I do still see it when I really look at her.

Elle was playing at my mom's house yesterday and was under the dining room table when she decided to quickly stand up and put a rather impressive hole in her head.

I didn't get a picture (yet) but it's a pretty decent hole and apparently bled quite a lot. We may actually end up at the urgent care center if it continues to ooze but this morning it seemed ok. It's bandaged up and it doesn't seem to bother her much although she has very quickly learned the word 'boo-boo' and tends to jab herself in the forehead while she says it. Which required several bandaid changes yesterday as she kept making it bleed again.

Meanwhile Ali has a bandaid on her head too. When I dropped her off at school today I had to assure her teachers that there was nothing wrong with her head, and that it was a sympathy bandaid.

At least with Ali once she loses her baby teeth there will be no sign of the damage from her fall. Elle will most likely have a scar on her head now, which hurts my heart. I know it is complete vanity for me to be bothered by it, but really it's less of a permanent 'scar' and more of a permanent mark for 'failure as a parent'.

At least it feels that way!