Thursday, July 21, 2016

Three weeks of summer

This is the first year that Summer has an official 'over' date to it. It's a little weird. And is making me a little panicky. I've started worrying about summer things we haven't done yet.

We haven't gone to the zoo, all year and we have a membership that we got as a Christmas present.

We've only been to the park once.

We haven't been to the spray ground which only costs $1 per kid and is literally two minutes away from the house.

We haven't been to the library, ever, since it opened...two years ago and it is the same two minutes away from the house.

We haven't been to the butterfly exhibit at the Nature Center that is 10 minutes from my house where they send the kids into an enclosure with a sugar wand and a massive collection of butterflies swarm you! What?!?!! How did I only learn about this last week??

And, have you seen the back to school supply list for kindergartners?? Or any age actually. It's crazy!

Three little weeks.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Someday you will be in your local book store shopping for your niece's first birthday.

Someday you will see a beautiful display of children's books with an endearing title and sweet cover drawing.

Someday you will flip through the first half this beautifully displayed book without reading it all the way through and buy two copies, one for your niece and one for you to read to your children.

Someday you will snuggle into bed with your two little ones and your husband and read this beautiful endearing book to your precious children, still without having read the whole thing yourself.

Someday you will reach a page that says "Some day you will read something so sad you fold up and cry."

Someday you will not read that page without tears rolling down your own face and your husband looking at you like you're completely insane.

Someday that beautiful, endearing book will continue to get sadder and sadder the further into the book you get.

Your two year old will wipe the tears from your eyes as you continue to read, certain it must get better.

You're husband will continue to look at you like you're out of your mind for purchasing and then reading this amazingly sad book.

And then, Someday, when you finally reach the end and you have to explain to your four year old why it is you're crying. You will then get to reassure and calm your hysterical four year old that you will not be kicking them out of the house to make it on their own tomorrow or anytime soon and then end up promising her that she never has to leave you, ever.

Someday I will learn to read a children's book all the way through before attempting to read it to my children.

I do not recommend the children's book 'Someday', regardless of the beautiful display, endearing cover, or sweet beginning.

(I did thankfully read it before mailing the copy to my niece. I sent a Barnes and Noble Gift Card instead.)