Monday, August 24, 2015


I don't even know where to start. I feel as if we've all be running full tilt all summer and we're not done yet. Weekends have been full. Week nights have been full. Work has been busy, everything has just been as packed full as possible. Here's our summer in no particular order:

My husband has several large projects at work and has been working late most nights and a lot of weekends.

Ali has had birthday parties all summer.

Elle is just growing and changing every day, I can't keep up with her at all.

Ali started Pre K last week and is loving the new class and new teachers. I was worried the transition would be hard on her.

We managed to bring a foster dog in a month or so ago and so we've had Vincent Grady (we just call him Grady) with us for all of this too.

Ali turns four on Wednesday and we have a party planned for Saturday at the local park.

I can't get over it. She's going to be four. She's beyond excited.

I'm taking cupcakes to school on Wednesday and then taking Ali to the pool for the afternoon (she has no idea).

We have family coming down on Friday.

I have to order the food and the cake and wrap presents and plan decorations and buy/assemble goodie bags, get drinks and coolers situated.

Meanwhile, our dog, Big M picked a fight with the foster dog Friday afternoon and I walked in to a hellish scene of blood and fur. No one was seriously hurt, there were just a couple of ear wounds that bled all over the place. Both dogs needed to go to the vet. Big M had his ear stapled back together and stitches in his mouth from where he lost a tooth (and he's the one who won the fight) and then by Friday evening,  the two were completely over it, fine and acting like nothing had happened.

My in laws are bringing their dog, Molly, like they always do and I"m stressed about the third dog in the house after having a traumatic Friday afternoon.

I have presents for Elle to take care of too because we're doing a little mini party with family for her too because her birthday is Dec 27 and it's too crazy at the holidays to try and plan something.

In the first two weeks of having Grady at the house I lost the last 2 1/2 lbs from the extra dog walking (our old man Big M doesn't walk much anymore) and am officially at Pre-Ali weight although still have some annoying saggy skin that I don't know how to get rid of without scheduling a nip/tuck.

I haven't been cooking well.

I haven't been eating well.

I haven't been exercising outside of the walks with Grady.

This weekend is busy with the party.

Early Sept Ali and I are flying to Virginia for a wedding.

End of Sept we're taking a beach vacation.

And I'm already stressed about all of it!!!