Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We survived day 1

And actually, more than survived, my little kindergartner flourished, as she normally does.

I don't know why I worry the way I do.

All the way up to the night before, putting Ali to bed she kept saying over, and over that she didn't want to get on the bus by herself and wanted me to come with her.

This was her Friday during dinner after having had a wonderful open house at the school, meeting her teachers, some new friends and practicing how to get from the bus drop off to her room.
But. I. Don't. Want. To. Ride. The. Bus.

It was a tough weekend leading up to her first day Monday and I really thought it was going to be a scene. Instead I got this:
Ready to go!

We see the bus!

And the only one who cried was Lizzy when the bus pulled away and she realized Ali was still on it.

Alice left me!

After school, Ali about floated off the bus so excited to tell me all about it, and then this morning was just as excited to go back.
Bus Stop Day 2

My grown up little girl.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Complete panic is not far off

My little baby girl starts kindergarten in five days.


I am not ready for her to be old enough to put on a bus.

She's already started to work up to a pretty significant anxiety level when the other day she looked at me and asked "Are you getting on the bus with me??" And I had to say 'no'. Mommies aren't allowed.

Since that question she has come up with all kinds of scenarios for how it would be possible for me to ride the bus with her. She's really thought it out.

I expect this to be a pretty tough bus pick up on Monday morning, for both of us.

And, I've already had to start being the crazy over protective mother. I got the bus stop assignment and am not happy with it. We live on a very steep hill, with no side walks, around a very blind corner, on a road that has a posted speed limit of 25 mph but most cars do more like 45-50 mph around that corner and down that hill. Checking our mailbox can be a life or death sort of adventure. And they want my baby girl to walk up that steep hill, around the blind corner which leads to another hill over which cars come flying with no visibility to go 5 houses up to the 'bus stop' at another little girls house.


Thankfully it was a very nice man that I spoke with this morning at the Transportation Department who did not make me feel like a crazy mom and who is going to go check the walk from our house to the stop to see my concerns and see what recommendations he can make for moving her pickup/drop off stop.

Other than the bus stop issue, I think we are fully prepared. I have a huge crate of the requested school supplies. A new backpack, lunchbox and My Little Pony dress for her first day. She will also be getting a special little snugly surprise that will be hidden in her backpack to help bribe her on to the bus where she can then see what her surprise is. Bribery, every parent's fall back!

The open house is Friday. We have a play date scheduled Saturday evening with some other kindergartners in our neighborhood and then will spend Sunday afternoon making plans for the coming week. Outfits laid out. Breakfasts and lunches planned. With Alice making her own decisions which (in theory) will lead to a smoother morning since she knows exactly what is going to happen each day. We'll see about that.

Wish us luck!