Monday, December 28, 2015

Holy Moly what happened to December??

I am not sure what happened but it's now December 28th.

And it's 70 degrees outside.


We had wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays filled with lots of family and food.

We also had a terribly sick December and I think I spent about two weeks in a major fog and am probably pretty lucky that we had food and presents in the house before Christmas!

We did have a wonderful time though.

The girls both got bikes. Ali's is a two wheeler with training wheels that she did a fair job on. She's never peddled before. Lizzy's is a big wheel style one that is just a bit too big. Her feet don't quite touch the peddles. :( Oh well, she'll grow into it.

The highlights were definitely the Minnie Mouse dresses that my mom made for them. Hard to see in this shot of Lizzy but they're so cute.

The Frozen Microphone that is technically Ali's but both girls have had a ball with it. (Better shot of the dress)

Mermaid blankets that my mom also made for me and the girls (theirs are pink and purple) which I'd love to use...except the weather's been so crazy warm! I did take a photo though.

And, to top it off, I got my husband a sling shot. It's a pretty heavy duty sling shot. Who knew there was a whole world revolving around sling shots but there is apparently. I got it because he always gets so mad at the deer in our neighborhood who have NO fear of humans and eat all our bushes and plants. So, he now has a sling shot to hit them in the butt and scare them off. Oddly enough it's actually working even though he hasn't managed to hit anything but trees.

With Lizzy supervising.

Totally just turned Ali's clubhouse into a deer stand.

So, that's basically the short of our holiday experience. I do need to point out the beautiful apple pie that my mother in law made. I didn't get a shot of it before we started eating, but it was so pretty!

And, I'm happy to say I have not gained any weight over the holidays. Granted I haven't lost any either, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. Oh! I forgot to mention what I got for Christmas! I got a Fitbit! And a punching bag!!! I'm so excited for both! I've been wanting my own punching bag since the boxing gym I used to go to closed down and I'm excited for the fitbit too. I may be disappointed to see just how sedentary my working life really is, but I guess that's part of the point. Make me move more! While home with the girls after Christmas though I hit my 'steps per day' goal and my 'stairs per day' goal. I know that's unlikely to happen quite as frequently during the work week unless I really make the effort. Which I'm hoping to do!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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