Monday, September 21, 2015

Two many cooks in the kitchen

I love, love this recipe that I found on for mini lasagna cups.

It is easy. It is good. My hsuband loves it and Ali can basically make it by herself which is just awesome.

So Sunday night was 'Dinner by Ali' and it turned into quite the family affair.

Elle's basic take on anything is 'If she can do it, I can too'.

Sometimes this gets us into trouble, like Sunday after lunch while I was attempting to unclog my bathroom sink (insert gross visual here) Ali decided to start jumping on my bed.

At four years old, she's pretty stable.

Elle climbed up to join her.

At 20 months old she is not so stable. Elle promptly fell off the bed and hit her head. I had to wash the yuck off my heads real fast and run out to make sure she was ok.


However, sometimes, this 'me too, me too' attitude goes fairly well.

Here's my Ali in the kitchen making dinner by herself Sunday evening. I did sautee the beef for her but that was it.

Picking the basil leaves off the stem.

Slicing basil

The pretty pink paring knife she got for her birthday.
(yes, I got my four year old a knife for her birthday!)

Making Lasagna cups

About halfway through the process Elle decided she wanted to cook too. So she did.

She stuffed the little wonton wrappers in the tin.

Loaded them with cheese and basil.

Attempted the marinara sauce but

soon realized that eating the sauce was more fun.
Sorry the picture is blurry. I was laughing while trying take the photo.
Literally just shoveling it in.

Overall we spent quite a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen together. Everyone was happy, productive and at the end of it we had a wonderful dinner that Ali was so proud of herself for making.

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