Monday, August 5, 2013

Stupid things mom's get excited about

This weekend was very busy. Busy in a good way. We're getting some projects around the house finished. I ran a bunch of errands that I've been trying to get to for a couple weeks. It was just a really good 'get stuff done' weekend. We were exhausted by Sunday evening, but had material accomplishments to go with it.

There were several times this weekend where I had to stop and accept that there are things that I get excited about now that would not have the same thrill for me prior to becoming a wife and mother.

This trash can is a good example:
I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond and think they're the coolest thing. Let me tell you why. That 'fold over' thingy at the top, lifts off and after you put in your garbage bag (or grocery bag, those fit too) you put that top piece back on and it holds the bag in place. I just thought that was brilliant. And my second thought was, "Good Lord I'm old!"

Item two that I had to be excited about was this laundry hamper.
Now, this isn't a new thing. I've been eyeing these for a while and to be honest, I didn't get the one I really wanted because it was more than I wanted to spend. But, my husband is a runner, and a cyclist, a yard work enthusiast, and generally a 'sweater'. As in, he sweats. A lot. When he comes in from a run, it looks like he got rained on. Yeah.  Eww. I married that. When he comes in from whatever it was that made him sweat, he tends to disrobe in the laundry room and dump all the sweaty, dirty, gross clothes in front of the washing machine. Which is better than dripping all that upstairs to our bedroom and leaving it in the hamper there, however, there is no door to our laundry room and it's just a dirty pile of clothes in front of the machine. I have attempted to leave laundry baskets there for him to use, but frequently he won't because he claims he didn't know if the clothes there were just cleaned, or if they were yet to be cleaned. So I bought this very specific hamper just for him and his stuff. So, what happens, he comes in from yard work Sunday afternoon and says 'hey, is this here for all my yard work and running clothes'. I say 'yes it is!' He then proceeds to dump his clothes in front of it because it looked too clean and he didn't want to put his dirty clothes in a clean clothes hamper. *sigh* Really? I just can't win. Even so, I'm pretty excited that I finally got one for the room.

Item three, I've actually had for a little while, a year or so I guess, but has jumped into a new roll. I have been carrying my 'mom' bag for around 18 months. I love it. It's huge. It holds everything. I love it. But...with this new pregnancy my back doesn't love it. It is, in truth, a very, very heavy bag. Even without all the junk in it, it's just heavy. I had to give it up, plus the straps are kind of falling off. But when I tried using my 'Pre Mom' purses, they just don't cut it. I can't fit everything in there and there are no pockets. I like my pockets.

So, I've been mildly obsessed with Thirty-One bags and have collected quite a few. They're mostly for traveling, but I have re-purposed this one:
It is now my purse. I also have a bunch of small zipper cosmetic style bags that I got at a Thirty One outlet sale. One holds my lipsticks and 'personal' items, one holds Baby A's diapers and a third holds the odd things that end up in my purse, crayons, a pacifier, a block, etc. The outside pockets hold my phone, my keys, hand sanitizer, etc, etc, all those things that I have to have with me and want to be able to find when I need them. The bag itself isn't all that much smaller than my 'mom bag' but it's so much lighter and so far has worked really well. I love that I can toss everything in there and not want to cry half way through the grocery store.

And the last, and most exciting thing for the weekend, Baby A's birthday invitations.

I have to say, I'm so proud of these. I bought all the materials, printed the text and the butterfly and they cut them to the right size and put them together this weekend. I think they're adorable and am so happy I was able to do this for this year's party. Last year I really avoided the idea that she was turning 1 and so by the time I had to send out invitations, I didn't really have a chance to actually make them. I love doing this kind of thing.

All of these things that I got so excited about this weekend I would have laughed about ten years ago. I don't think I could have imagined being excited about a hamper for my husbands gross clothes. Or a trash basket that holds the bag in place. Really?? Yeah, I'm just that old apparently.

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