Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moments to remember

Last night my husband was able to feel the baby kick. She was doing a pretty serious dance and I guess I made a face about it because he asked if she was moving and then put his hand on my belly to feel it. She pretty much kicked right on cue. It was so sweet. Baby A always seemed to know when my husband was trying to feel her kicks and immediately stopped. Towards the end though she was such a dancer that my whole belly would roll with her. She was such a peanut though that it was never really painful, mildly uncomfortable as a heel or elbow pushed out and across my stomach but she never really hurt. Hopefully this little girl is the same way.

I'm starting to actually gain some weight now. I'm at about 10.5 lbs gained but still, with  just over18 weeks to go, that puts me at a really good range to hopefully stay under 35 lbs total, under 30 lbs would be fabulous. I'm starting to get hungrier though. Up until now I hadn't really changed my eating habits too much. I changed a few of my snacks to be slightly higher calories and protein and added an afternoon snack that didn't used to be there but now I"m finding I need something earlier in the morning than I used to and that I'm hungrier at lunch and dinner than I used to be.

I managed to eat an entire bag of popcorn myself, in one day. Not the type of bag you put in a microwave, it was a massive Walmart econosized bag of kettle corn. Kinda sweet, kinda salty and holy moly so very, very good. I had no off button. Literally just kept eating it all day. The whole bag. I really figured I'd reach a point where it would make me ill, but that never happened.

I've also had a cold for the last two weeks. What a miserable thing to deal with while pregnant. There just isn't anything you can do about it except wait. I stayed home one day last week and then again one day this week. I was just sneezing and coughing so much that I didn't feel it was right to bring my germs to work. I've been taking medicine at night to help me sleep, but I don't want to take it all day too, so I just have to deal with the coughing and sneezing.

I'm hoping that this doesn't interfere with our plans for Saturday, Baby A's 2nd Birthday Party!! Yay!!

I'm so excited!

Last year it was so emotional to realize that a full year had gone by. Now, she's so far removed from the tiny baby that she was, it's a little easier to accept that yet another year has gone. She's growing so fast, and learning so much it's staggering. She has started "singing" along to songs in the car which cracks me up so much. We have a Beatles for Kids CD that we listen to a lot because we both like it, they're songs that if they get stuck in my head don't make me crazy, and there's no stupid cutsie voice telling us to bark like a dog or moo like a cow. Sorry, I just can't deal with that. Baby A loves the Beatles and today started asking for specific songs to be played. She loves the 'yeah, yeah' song (She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.) and wanted to hear that over and over this morning.

We encourage her love of music and books as much as possible and this year we have actually very specifically asked everyone attending her birthday to get her books as presents. We have a decent library but it's spread across four rooms in the house, so that really thins it out quickly and we've been reading them all almost daily for 18 months or more. Mama needs some new material!!

I can't believe she's going to be two. And I can't believe that tomorrow is 22 weeks of pregnant. We still don't have a name. We're not in a huge rush about it, but I'd like to get one picked out so we can start using it with Baby A and make it a real person instead of just 'baby'. We'll find the right one, it took time with Baby A also and her name is perfect for her.

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