Saturday, January 11, 2014

Parenting Second Born Children

Ali is at my parents house for the day and my husband had gone to the grocery store for me. Elle was sleeping contentedly in her bouncy chair and I decided to take the opportunity for a shower.

I got the major stuff done, hair, face, etc and hopped out real quick to check on Elle, who was still sleeping. I jumped back in the shower to shave my legs, which was rather past due and of course, half way through the first leg I hear the baby crying.

With your first child, you tend to run out of the shower dripping soap and water to see what matter of trauma has befallen your precious child.

With you second (or more) you run through a mental list of what could potentially be the problem. She was fed and changed within the hour, she had been awake for most of an hour and really ready for a good long nap, Ali wasn't around to have dropped something on her, the dogs were asleep too and tend to ignore her anyway...

I stayed in the shower and finished shaving.

Three minutes later I'm done and come out to find she's back asleep and everything is fine. And I am clean, with shaved legs. Win all around.


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