Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Christmas Post

Christmas was wonderful this year. My in laws came down on the 24th and my sister had flown in from Germany a few days before. It was nice to have help with Ali around the house since I was so very, very pregnant that it was really hard to keep up with her. It was hard to do most things actually.

We all went to the children's musical service at our church on Christmas Eve and had a wonderful time. It was a very full church though and the pew we were in was packed. About three quarters of the way through the service I started to overheat and got light headed. fortunately, a family in the pew in front of us had just had to leave since both their young boys had fallen asleep and they deemed it a lost cause, so I snuck out of our row and into theirs where, thankfully, an A/C vent was blowing almost directly on me. Even so, by the end of the service, followed by a long walk to the car, I was contracting pretty heavily and we were starting to think there may actually be a Christmas baby. When I finally laid down to sleep though the contractions subsided.

Christmas morning was so much fun. Ali loved the stockings and helped everyone open their gifts. Out of everything she got, this purple tiara headband and 'fairy' wand were the biggest hits of the day.

I love this dress that my mother in law got her and it cracks me up to watch her 'vacuum'. She thought it was great.

She did completely wear out though and fell asleep at the table during our Christmas dinner. She's NEVER done that before. It was hysterical. I had been trying to get her to finish her lunch and I finally realized that while her eyes were still open...she was out cold, a few minutes later, the eyes closed and she nodded off completely. My father in law got a couple great shots of it.

It was a little sad taking down the decorations and especially the lights outside, Ali loved those, but I was not upset to finally delete Frosty the Snowman from our Tivo recordings. I can recite it for you by heart if you'd like. Ali watched it two or three times every day. Every. Single. Day. There were several other holiday shows she liked also, but Frosty was a huge hit. It got old, very, very fast.

Overall it was a really wonderful holiday and being able to enjoy it through the eyes of a two year old was really the most amazing thing. It really makes you appreciate things more.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and I'm so glad your family was able to be there with you. I LOVE that sweet picture of your daughter asleep. Too cute!