Monday, September 15, 2014

Baking with Chef Ali

This child is going to make my weight loss goals a whole lot more challenging than they already are.

Friday, she made pizza.

SHE made pizza. I put it in the oven.

And then on Sunday she made a peach/apple crisp (I sliced the fruit) and chocolate chip cookies (I had to help stir at the end when it was all together and a little tough for her).

She had so much fun and my husband has already almost killed the cookies. One pan got a little over done and I feel badly about it, but I'm fairly sure they'll get eaten anyway.

In the aim of more quality time with Ali, I've been trying to make more dinners that she can help with, and come up with more of these types of desserts for her to do. It's tricky though because with the really simple things, like the crisp, she's not satisfied with the effort involved. She wants to do more, which is why we did the cookies too. The cookies are a good overall effort/outcome. There's lots of measuring and mixing, and she LOVES to use the hand mixer. I have to admit I was impressed with how well she maneuvered it and she even used on hand to turn the bowl while the other held the mixer.

This, however, will make my continued weight loss a little difficult with all the baking going on.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing little chef you have! Everything looks phenomenal and I'm craving pizza now. That looks so good! I know I would struggle with weight loss to if Ali was cooking at my house, lol!