Monday, September 22, 2014

It's tough being three.

I waited for a whole year for the terrible two's to rear it's head and it never really did. I liked two. We had some issues, but really, Ali is such a good girl and is very much a rule follower. She's stubborn as all get out, but once rules are in place and she knows we're all sticking to them, she's perfectly fine.

However, we apparently are in the smack middle of the 'Do It Myself' phase of growing up and it's a tough one. Some things she think she should be able to do, but can't yet. Some things she demands relentlessly to do herself, even when it takes her 1000 years to do what I can do in 10 seconds, and some things completely baffle me.

There is a list of things that frequently result in a major meltdown.

1. Going potty 'byself' but can't reach the faucet. This is a source of constant frustration resulting in tears.

2. Going potty byself and mama forgets, and turns on the light for her in the bathroom. Major overstepping of the 'do it myself' phase. Tears, drama.

3. Putting toothpaste on her toothbrush for her. Tears, drama.

4. Flushing the toilet for her.

5. Moving the laundry from the washer to the drier without her help.

6. Stirring/cutting/making anything in the kitchen without her help.

7. If I turn the pages of the book we are reading.

8. If Elle or, heaven forbid, Big M touches her blanket...oh the horror.

9. If I hold the tissue for her to blow her nose.

10. If I lift Ali into her car seat instead of her climbing up.

11. Feeding the dog without her.

12. Feeding Elle without her.

13. Attempting to help her put on her clothes. (Do you know the struggle of keeping your hands to yourself while watching your three year old flail around with one arm and half a head through the wrong holes of a shirt? It's so hard!!)

Oh the joys of three year old's.

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