Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yoga Break

While life at home is settling back into a routine and pattern, it is still a busy routine and it is still hard for me to fit in any time for exercise.

So, I brought my yoga mat to work and as many days as I can I take a Yoga Break instead of a lunch break, typically around 1:30 or 2:00, which is about when my afternoon fade starts. There's a back room at work which has files and boxes and unused furniture piled around the edges of the room and plenty of space in the middle for me and my mat. Actually there's probably room for three or four of us if I wanted to get a group together, but right now, I really like being in there on my own. I have a pretty standard 20 minute workout that I can do easily, without thinking too hard about it, and without sweating a lot. It's enough to get your muscles warm and stretched and your blood flowing, but not enough to make it an uncomfortable rest of the day at the office.

I feel so much better afterwards. I've started looking forward to that time of day. To get away from my desk and have some calm, quiet stretch time. I'm sitting at my desk now, 30 minutes after my workout still feeling stretched and calm with a post yoga 'warm' that I don't know how to describe. I love that feeling.

My (fabulous $30 yard sale) treadmill is currently non functional, which is a problem. But my husband thinks it can be fixed so we're waiting on parts. Hopefully once that's back up and running (ha ha) I can start adding a 20 minute session back into my morning schedule. That would of course mean I have to pry myself out of bed at 5 in the morning, along with my husband, instead of rolling over and sleeping for 20 more minutes while he goes out to run.

I am officially down to pre-baby weight. I did gain back a few of the pounds I lost through July and August due to stress and depression but several more have stayed off. Most of my size 8 clothes are lose and I can fit into most of my size 6's, however, they're not very comfortable right now. I still have a bit of a roll around my middle from my huge preggo belly but overall things seem to have moved back into place.

I have been ok with my diet, but still enjoying my wine. I have three more pounds I want to lose and I want my sixes to fit comfortably. I just know I have to continue to find these ways to add in exercise through the week.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE that you do Yoga during your lunch break. It sounds heavenly and like such a nice break during the day. I also love that you got such a GREAT deal on a treadmill at a yard sale. Woo hoo! I hope you can get it up and running soon! My brother gave us his old treadmill because it was broken. We ordered a part and fixed it good as new and I LOVE it!