Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shoe problem

So disappointed. The shoes were too small. :(

I ordered a half size up and should have them Friday but it's still a little disappointing. My mom had tried ordering me a pair of supportive running shoes for Christmas and we had the same problem. Too small. I figured it was a problem with the shoe, not my foot, but apparently I was wrong. This was a different brand, same issue. I started to think that maybe my feet got bigger with pregnancy but my dress shoes still fit so I guess it has something to do with the supports in that type of sneaker. I have a severe (SEVERE) inward pronation while running and the shoes that counter that ankle roll have some very specific sole designs. It's the only thing I've come up with anyway.

I did however get up this morning and do a decent cardio workout. I've even noticed that it's getting a bit easier and I'm able to make it through certain exercises either without pausing, or getting through more of it before having to take a breath.

Today's going to be a calmer day in general and I hope to start coming up with a meal plan to make this weekend and then put together into a post for next week and start that circle of fun again.

I've even made it out of the house on time two days in a row! This morning was kind of a surprise since Elle did not sleep well, was fussy this morning.

Tomorrow should be a yoga workout in the morning and we're going to go for three days out the door before 7:25.

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  1. I'm sorry your your shoes have been too small TWICE! That's annoying. I'm so impressed by your work ethic and organization, however. You have a lot on your plate!