Tuesday, February 10, 2015

One foot in front of the other.

My new, super supportive running shoes are supposed to arrive today. I'm pretty excited about it, however I don't really have the illusion that having my fabulous new running shoes is going to make getting up at 5 am to run more appealing.

However, I think I've hit my wall in terms of diet and extremely light exercise. Each week I've done a day or two of a decent cardio workout, and then one or two yoga workouts and on the weekends I walk/run/play with Ali which is a workout unto itself. Believe me. This child does not stop.

Since Thanksgiving I have lost around 6 lbs and right now am really close to my pre-Ali weight.

Pre baby weight! Both babies! Way back when my belly was flat and had never been stretched out by pregnancy weight!

All my size 8 pants are too big and most of my size 6 pants fit relatively nicely. I was even able to wear my size 6 jeans last week.

In my head I knew that I was going to have to give up the wine to make it work but had held off as long as possible. It makes such a difference though.

Now I need to tighten things up. I still have some extra baggage in the love handle area and while my belly is much, much smaller and tighter than it had been, there's still some work to be done there too.

I have been very slack in a lot of things this year and really blamed a lot of it on being so sick for several weeks and then I blamed it on work for several weeks because I've been flat out crazy busy every day for a while, which is good for work, but makes me thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day. Right now though, I don't really have a good excuse and I"m just being lazy.


I need to get my plan back together. Get my cooking back on track and get my other blog personality up and running. Here, this is where my personal thoughts, goals and comments come out, but there's no direction to this blog. It's just ramblings and nothing focused. I wanted something focused, dedicated and helpful. I wanted something helpful. The blogs that I follow and really enjoy have a theme, they have a purpose. They are there to do something specific. I also follow a few non specific rambling ones like mine, but mostly I like the ones where someone is out there for a reason, trying to make someone else's life easier, better, brighter.

That being said, this is my new favorite blog to follow and have tried several, successful recipes so far.

I did this one on Sunday and it was great. A little high on the prep side, but really good and both girls loved it.

And...required baby photos.

Princess/Chef Ali making Pizza last week.

My 'baby' Elle growing up so fast! 
Enjoying a nice day outside at school.

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  1. That's amazing that you're almost at your pre "all babies" weight! Woo hoo! Your girls are darling! I'm loving the tiara and your little Elle IS growing up so fast!