Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diet, exercise and sober parenting

Now that I'm back on the healthy side of life, no more coughing and runny nose, I am back on my fitness and dieting track.

And I have kept off the three pounds lost while I had the flu.

And I think I've changed my mind about those pounds, because I had spent the two week prior to the flu dieting and exercising. So, I think those pounds can be considered my body's way of saying "Finally!! Some exercise!"

My clothes are fitting better and my 'large' pants are fitting just a little too lose for wear right now. Yay!

Meanwhile I'm sticking to the no drinking during the week rule. In fact, there is no wine in my house right now.


At all.

Do you know what kind of miracle that is?

I'm finding it's also 100% necessary. If it were there, I would find a way to justify it.

And that justification would be my kids.

Holy crap, how to people parent and not drink?

I've realized that if I can make it to the kid's bed time, I stop wanting a drink about 15-20 minutes after everyone's in bed for the night.

I don't know what that says about me, or my kids, or our evening routine.

Anyway. I do find it interesting, that the mornings I sleep until 5:30 and get up without exercising, I'm almost always late out the door. The mornings I get up at 5 and exercise until 5:30, I'm out the door on time.

Here's to hoping February is a little easier.

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