Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Flu Diet

Nothing like being crazy, nasty, sick to lose some weight!

I'm down three pounds after the last two weeks of not feeling well, which is kinda neat and kinda scary.

However, I'm wearing pre-Ali pants today that haven't fit in years so, screw it, I'll take the weight loss where I can get it!

I haven't managed to get new sneakers yet and need to do that before I start running again, but right now my lungs aren't quite up to it anyway. I still have a rather impressive cough and am not making it through the night without having to get up for more meds half way through.

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get myself out to the store and get some good shoes. My plan then will be to start back up with the 5 am workouts. I haven't actually set my alarm in two weeks and have been sleeping down the hall from my husband so we don't keep each other up with coughing. So I've been rolling out of bed at 6 or 6:20 most mornings and just getting the girls ready and out the door as I can.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to get up and do some light yoga and stretching. My body definitely needs it. We'll see how well I sleep though because right now, my body definitely needs that more.

Happy flu season everyone!

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