Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One step forward, two steps back

I feel like every time I get a little momentum, something knocks me back down.

We are all sick again. We're on day three and I'm fairly sure we're all going to be home tomorrow too.

Elle had a low fever on Sunday and her nose has been a faucet. Ali woke up from her nap on Sunday with a blazing fever, looking like a zombie and I started to not feel good that evening also. Ali and I had rough nights Sunday and were miserable on Monday. My mom came over to help take care of all us sicko's.

Ali felt better after her nap yesterday and slept well last night. I was still pretty terrible and had another bad night. Elle is pretty much the same. Low temp, runny nose and a bad cough. Poor girl, the cough and all the drainage is making her throat sore and she isn't eating well.

Ali's fever came back around lunch, but a little Tylenol and a nap and she's feeling better. I had a nap too but am still just so worn out.

I had done so well the last two weeks. Minimal alcohol and only on weekends. Eating well, exercising and was down almost a pound. And then I get sick again.

Germy kids.

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  1. I'm so sorry you're all sick again. No fun. :-( It's amazing how many germs kids bring into the house....moms have no chance! I hope you all get well soon!