Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weight gain, backslide, injury and frustration

I'm definitely fighting a few internal battles right now and a lot of the time am feeling a bit down. Which I'm not sure I actually realized until I started that sentence but now makes a lot more sense.

I'm wobbling up and down through these odd four pounds which is making me a little crazy. At the bottom of those four pounds, my clothes fit and I feel good. At the top, my clothes don't fit and I feel bloated and annoyed.

Four pounds. Four. Really? Why do they have to make that big a difference??

Some how they do and that's really annoying.

Meanwhile between a weather conspiracy and an inability to drag myself out of bed, I haven't been working out much.

Meanwhile, again, while not working out much, I did manage to get a nice long yoga workout in on Sunday morning while my mom had the girls, only to find myself the next day with a limp. And not a 'wow that was a good workout limp' - more like a 'WTF did I just do to myself limp'.

For some reason I thought that since I had a nice quiet morning, my very non stretched out self would benefit from a rather rigorous and advanced yoga routine.

For some reason, my body did not agree...

I'm already on a daily anti inflammatory routine for the pain in my knee, which is better, but that's not even touching this issue, which is awesome, and it's steadily gotten worse all week.

At this point I kind of just want to crawl under the couch and have another glass of wine.

This is me.

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