Monday, June 1, 2015

18 Month injuries

Maybe it's just a stage in development that these girls need to go through but I really don't appreciate this particular one.

Ali at 18 months took a header into the base of a pack n play and broke her two front teeth.

That was a scary trip to the dentist and, while I'm used to it now, I do still see it when I really look at her.

Elle was playing at my mom's house yesterday and was under the dining room table when she decided to quickly stand up and put a rather impressive hole in her head.

I didn't get a picture (yet) but it's a pretty decent hole and apparently bled quite a lot. We may actually end up at the urgent care center if it continues to ooze but this morning it seemed ok. It's bandaged up and it doesn't seem to bother her much although she has very quickly learned the word 'boo-boo' and tends to jab herself in the forehead while she says it. Which required several bandaid changes yesterday as she kept making it bleed again.

Meanwhile Ali has a bandaid on her head too. When I dropped her off at school today I had to assure her teachers that there was nothing wrong with her head, and that it was a sympathy bandaid.

At least with Ali once she loses her baby teeth there will be no sign of the damage from her fall. Elle will most likely have a scar on her head now, which hurts my heart. I know it is complete vanity for me to be bothered by it, but really it's less of a permanent 'scar' and more of a permanent mark for 'failure as a parent'.

At least it feels that way!

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