Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early Tooth Fairy

Baby A fell last week and broke her two front teeth. Uggghhh. It hurts my heart every time she smiles, which is a terrible, terrible thing to say!

They're not gone and they probably aren't even all that bad, unless you're her mother. The inside corners of the two top teeth broke diagonally starting about half way down the tooth and almost all the way across. What really gets me is when she does a little half smile and all you can see are the outside points. It looks like she has fangs.

It happened at Mama T's and when she fell she cut her lip big time. Bled everywhere and it took a hour to get it under control. Mama T didn't want me to worry and so once the bleeding had stopped, and Baby A was fine, she didn't call me. She also didn't notice the broken teeth. To be fair, I didn't notice the broken teeth until I was getting her ready for bed and had her laid down on the changing table. But we were leaving town at noon the next day and so by the time we noticed it, had no way to get her into a dentist before we left. My husband was a little upset about that, rightly so.

Anyway, we have a dentist appointment for Friday so they can be looked at to make sure everything is ok. My husband wants to get them fixed. I am torn and don't know what I want. It really does make me cringe every time she smiles. My eyes go to her teeth instead of her eyes. I know that I will probably get used to it and eventually stop seeing it, but right now it's all I see. However, the idea of putting my 18 month old daughter under general anesthesia to fix two broken baby teeth that are going to fall out in a few years anyway, makes me very, very uncomfortable and nervous. I don't think anesthesia is anything you do more than absolutely necessary and especially so on children. There are too many risks. I'm definitely going to go with the recommendation from the dentist and when he says not to fix them, and my husband gets upset, I will point at the dentist and say 'he said so' while probably feeling very relieved that I don't have to make the decision.

Right now, I'm just happy that she's fine. She's my little trooper and just keeps on smiling.

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