Monday, February 25, 2013

Thankful Post #8 - A Good Dentist

This week I am thankful that Baby A's teeth are ok. They're broken and until she starts losing the baby teeth she'll have her little vampire fangs, but her mouth is ok. The dentist did an x-ray just to make sure the roots weren't damaged and gave us the thumbs up. Both my sister and I have had dental fixes and my sister's front teeth are permanently damaged with root distress. So all things considered, if Baby A was going to fall and crack her teeth, these were the ones to break and apparently it's actually better that they break rather than just get hit. When the baby teeth just get hit, that's when there's more likely to be root damage, discoloration and potential damage to the adult teeth coming in behind it. Who knew!?

I am very thankful that she's ok and hopefully in a few months I won't even see the broken teeth when she smiles at me.

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