Monday, February 4, 2013

Thankful post #5 - Our home

This week I am thankful for our home.

Last week we had a full day of torrential downpours and, as per usual, we ended up with a basement full of water. It's been a three year battle against flooding in the basement and my husband threw a particularly spectacular, albeit well deserved, fit about the house and all it's issues. And it does have many.


With all it's faults, its our first home together. It's the house we brought Baby A home to from the hospital. It is where we will eventually bring our next child home to. It is where we fall asleep every night and wake up every morning. It is where we hosted our first Christmas. It is where Baby A had her first Birthday. We have spent so much time and money working to fix the many issues and update the things that need to be updated that it is occasionally hard to see all the love that is there too.

I do love our house. I love the kitchen updates we've done. I love the wooded backyard where, when the leaves are out you can't see any of our neighbors and it feels so private and secluded. I love my massive laundry room and all the potential for the space there (that we haven't had the money to do anything about yet, but we'll get there). I love Baby A's bedroom. I am excited for the new flooring which will be going into the main floor soon. Almost the entire first floor will be redone and will be so wonderful.

There are a lot of times that it is overwhelming, having purchased a 'fixer upper' and having so many things that need fixing upping. But when a project is finally finished, and we can stand back and look at what we've accomplished, it's wonderful. It's ours.

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