Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recanted - Heaven is not a new haircut

I've had a change of heart. Not because I don't love my hair cut. I do. It's fabulous, and it's blond! I love being blond!

However, last night, I did find heaven.

Heaven is at our neighbors house, where I 'babysat' their 10 month old little girl while they went out to dinner.

By 'babysat' I mean, their little girl was already in bed, sound asleep. They left out a bottle of wine for me. I brought a book that I've been trying to get through for about a year and I spent several hours sitting on a couch, by myself, reading, having a glass of wine and a nice, quiet, quiet, quiet evening. It was awesome. They got back from dinner and I asked if we could do this again next week.

There was no husband complaining about water in the basement (a valid complaint, but still), no Baby A whining at me, no dogs pestering me that they have to pee, but won't go out because it's raining, no dishes on the counter, no toys to pick up (until I got home to find that my husband hadn't picked up Baby A's toys after putting her down for the night), it was just a nice, quiet, peaceful evening.


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