Monday, January 28, 2013

Thankful Post #4 - Silly Games

This past week has been a little chilly and we have not been able to get outside much to play, which makes for a stir crazy Baby A and Mama! So we have played lots of silly games this last week and past weekend. we play puzzles, we play ball. We chase each other around the house and Baby A squeals and laughs so much that I end up laughing hysterically and my husband has to come see what all the commotion is about. We play 'knock over mama' where Baby A runs at me while I'm sitting on the floor and pushes me over. I grab her and pull her down with me and squeal 'oh no, the baby knocked me over, oh no!' She loves it. We color, a lot, and then have to chase the dogs down to get the crayons back.

I love that Baby A is so interactive and has so much fun doing small things. I know this is not a phase that will last forever, in fact I'm sure it will go by too fast and soon she won't want to play tag with me, or color with me. But for now I am thankful for all the silly games that we play and that I can so easily make her laugh, which is the best sound in the whole world.

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