Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Tooth Troubles

Yesterday my car, all on it's own mind you, pulled into a local cupcakery and I was forced to purchase several cupcakes before my car was willing the leave the parking lot.

This is the infamous cupcake shop where we got way, way too many cupcakes for Baby A's first birthday and spent a couple months pulling them out of the freezer one at a time. Fortunately they freeze and unfreeze quite well.

When I stepped through their door, I immediately saw that they had my favorite, Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes. Chocolate Spice Cake with a Spicy whipped cream topping.


Oh lordy, just shoot me now. I got two of those, the very last Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough available which is my husbands favorite, and a Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake just for fun. I then texted a picture of them to my husband, who practically flew home since he knew better than to leave them with me for any length of time.

The cupcakes them self are huge, twice the size of a 'regular' cupcake from a grocery store or something you'd make at home and I ate an entire one. I actually cut it in half and ate the first half with every good intention of limiting myself. Yeah, that lasted for about 10 minutes before I was back for the rest of it.

Then, all day today I've been sitting at my desk drooling, thinking about the cupcake that is sitting at home, waiting for me to get out of work. I actually had to go and raid our freezer here at the office for the fudge pops that I had in there over the summer. They had a little freezer burn, but at 70 calories per pop, instead of 800 calories per cupcake (yes, EIGHT HUNDRED calories!!!!!!! I told you they were big) I figured that was a better option to make sure I didn't have to run out at lunch to get a sugar fix.

Just typing all this is making me crave one again. Argghh!

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