Monday, August 20, 2012

OMG Cupcakes

So, we're having a tea party for Baby A's first birthday party this Saturday and I am in LOVE with the cupcakes we're getting for the party. Hubby and I were drooling over the online menu and so had to have a tasting to figure out which ones we wanted to order for Saturday. Check them out!
Here are our final options:

Birthday Cake: For obvious reasons.
Classic Birthday Cake with sprinkles baked in, topped with a colored Vanilla Buttercream, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry.

Ultimate Chocolate: Because I had a 'moment' when I bit into it.
Classic Chocolate Cake topped with a Chocolate Buttercream and dark chocolate curls

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Because my husband had a 'moment' when he bit into it.
Vanilla Cake with a cookie dough center topped with brown sugar buttercream and chocolate chips.

Irish Car Bomb: We weren't able to taste test this, my husbands wants to get it solely based on the name and ingredients.
Guinness Chocolate Cake with an Irish Cream Buttercream and Irish Whiskey chocolate ganache drizzle (holy lord almighty!)

Mexican Hot Chocolate: Another we weren't able to taste test but I really want to get them anyway.
Chocolate Spice Cake with a Spicy whipped cream topping.  (mmmmm)

Sweet Potato.
Sweet Potato Cake with Cinnamon cream cheese Frosting, candied pecans and toasted marshmallows.

The final selections haven't quite been made, but we have enough people coming that I think we could get 6 of each of these flavors and probably not have too many left over. I"m not sure how I feel about that. Good that I won't have all these temptations in the house. Bad that I won't have all these temptations in the house.

I've decided not to worry about the diet for this week. Hubby and I have been taste testing appetizers also.

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