Friday, August 3, 2012

Morning Running

The last two mornings I've taken Big M out in the morning first and Old Lady second because she's been having some arthritis issues and doesn't want to walk quite as far or as fast. So Big M and I have gone for morning runs, just the two of us. We don't go far and the total distance, out and back, is probably not quite three quarters of a mile, but it's just enough to feel like I've done something. The only problems is getting Big M going. Our run back to the house is fine. The run out to the normal turn around point is a little rough. We get out of the house ok, start down the road and about a minute into it he realizes Old Lady's not with us. And then he stops. Big M is 70 pounds of muscle. Granted I do weigh more than him, but there is very little I can do to force Big M to move. Now, he isn't stopping because he misses Old Lady, or doesn't feel like running right now thank you. He has stopped because he is quite sure that Old Lady is back at the house eating his breakfast. Yes, I know dogs don't actually talk, but you can just look at this dog and know, that is what he's concerned about. Food is his most favorite thing in the whole wide world and while we're out, just the two of us, first thing in the morning, he is very sure that he's missing out on breakfast and will refuse to walk another step. Until I pull out a piece of pepperoni, and then the world is right once again.

My handsome boy.

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