Monday, August 13, 2012

Crate & Barrel saved my marriage!

I'm only partially joking. The biggest reoccurring argument in our house is over dishes. Part of me is thankful that this is our biggest issue, another part of me is amazed that we can't get past this.

My husband is one of the neatest, most orderly people you will ever meet. I am not. He occasionally borders on Monk level OCD cleaning and every once in a while I have to point out that he may be over doing it. 99% of the time, I clean the house and keep things on a maintained level. It's not great, but I feel ok having my baby crawl around on my floors and I keep the spider webs in the corners to a minimum. When my husband gets a bug up his butt and decides to clean the house, I just get out of the way. Literally. I will usually try to leave the house for at least two hours. There is no helping, there is just get out of the way or get run over with the Dyson. It happens probably once every three or four months, and when it does, I come home to an amazingly spotless house. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, walls, light fixtures, stairs, ceiling fans, all have been washed, swept, vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and mopped. It's truly amazing. My husband is usually sweating and frequently swearing at just how 'disgusting' the house was. I would like to point out that the house is rarely disgusting although I won't say never. This is the Monk side talking and what is disgusting to him, is pretty normal to the majority of the population.

Now that the stage is appropriately set, our biggest fight is over dishes. Our typical evening goes like this: I stop at the store on the way home from work to pick up whatever I forgot to get on my regular shopping trip so I can make dinner. I stop and pick up Baby A from daycare. I get home and unload the car, greet the dogs, change clothes and head out the door with Baby A, Big M and Old Lady for our after work walk. I get back to the house by 6, in time for Baby A's dinner, followed by feeding the dogs after they've cooled down from the walk. Bath time for Baby A at 6:30, bottle at 7 and she goes down for the night at 7:30. In between all of this I start prepping dinner.

My husband gets home around 6:00, changes and goes for a run or bike ride, gets home, showers and sits down in time for dinner. After dinner, he does the dishes and then we catch up on our days and usually watch something on tivo. I typically have a glass of wine with dinner and then have another half a glass while we watch the episode of the day. Before going to bed, I put my wine glass on the counter next to the sink.

This is the source of massive frustration for my husband. My wine glass, on the counter.

His complaint is that it's just expected of him to wash the dishes and that I leave things out purposely knowing that he'll clean up after me.

To be completely honest, given everything I do after work. I feel no guilt leaving the dinner dishes for him to do. I usually will clean up the prep items as I make dinner, just leaving him with the actual pots and pans that the food was cooked in.

Most of the time, the dinner dishes aren't the trigger issues, it's the glass on what had been clean, clear counters.

So, after checking out some of the sale items online on the Crate & Barrel website, I found these:

Clear, acrylic, wine glasses. That can go in the dishwasher!!!! They stack too which is awesome for cabinet space. I got 6 of the clear ones and 6 of some cool orange ones too because I liked the color.

Now, these aren't my normal pretty, etched, decorative glasses that I like to drink from because I feel fancy when I use them. However, at the end of the evening, I can toss this sucker in the dishwasher and never again have to listen to the 'clear counter' lecture. At least not one that is associated with my wine glass.

Why this didn't occur to me earlier, I have no idea.

I love you !!!!

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