Thursday, August 9, 2012

Single Parent's Day

This week on our own has been pretty decent. Not perfect, but decent. I really think single mom's & dad's are actual super heroes and should have their own 'day'. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Administrative Assistants Day, Single Parent's Day. It should be it's very own celebration. They work so much harder than the rest of us lucky ducks with spouses. Maybe there is a day already and I just never realized it, but I'm fairly sure I haven't seen cards in the Hallmark store for 'Happy Single Parent's Day because you Rock on your own!'

I stumble through on my own for four days, knowing my husband is going to be back and will mow the grass. I don't really have to think about that. I also don't have to worry about the fact that there are two lights out in the dining room 'chandelier' (term used loosely for a 30 year old, mega cheesy chunk of gaudy metal), several large items that need to be moved up the crazy angled pull down stairs to the attic, there's an odd smell coming out of the utility sink in the laundry room, etc, etc. I know that this weekend, I can have a nap if I want because there will be someone else there to take care of Baby A. I can spend Saturday afternoon doing dog rescue transports and not have to have Baby A in the car with me, she's home with daddy. Single parents rarely have that luxury. There's no stopping. There's no end of the day. There's just 'the next thing' and getting through until you can crash in bed for a few hours. I'm sure that doesn't describe all single parenting situations, but it's probably most.

This isn't to say that us plain old working mom's and stay at home mom's have it easy. There's always something, laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning, dogs, cats, family, oh, and work. Right. The job. That too.  That thing I go to where I have to not see my baby for 9 or 10 hours a day. Where I drop her off an hour and a half after she's woken up in the morning and I pick her up from two and a half hours before her bedtime. I love our daycare, I really do. I couldn't have asked for a better environment for Baby A while I"m at work. But I miss her and there are a lot of days where I envy the stay at home moms. I don't think there's anyone who envy's the single mom (or dad) though, especially when the kids are little and need fairly constant attention/supervision.

So, here's my little shout out to the single parents. If no one told you today, You Rock!

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