Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dog Shaming

I really do love those emails that go around and I visit the website every once in a while when I need a good laugh. It makes me feel better that other people's dogs are just as crazy as mine, or more so in many cases. Some of these things make my dogs look like angels, which they are not, as I proved to myself yesterday.

A friend forwarded me one of these emails because he knows I'm a dog person, into rescue, and thought I would appreciate it, which I did. He is not much of a dog person and is, in fact, one of 'those' people who got rid of their dog when they started having children. He's a friend, but I will always hold that against him. But, not the point of the post.

Just to be funny I responded to him saying that I could make one of these emails myself with just the dogs and fosters that I have had and then proceeded to list out a few things that my dogs have eaten. He responded with 'wow' and in between my email and his response I had come up with several more. I sent those, and then realized just how terrible this list was when it was written out all at once. Then last night when recounting the story to my husband, he added several that I had forgotten about. When it happens over the course of 6 or 7 years, it's not quite as daunting. So, for public viewing here's my list:

Old Lady
~A bowl full of hersey's mini candy bars including wrappers.
~An entire batch of cookies, and then when I got home,  before I had any idea of what she had done, ran out the door and wouldn't come to me.
~A dura-flame starter log which required a call to poison control.
~A pound of fudge. She then threw it up all over the house. There are still stains on the upstairs carpet.
~Several measuring cups worth of protein supplement meant for a foster and threw up so much that she gave herself pancreatitis and had to be on mediation for 10 days. Didn't stain, but required the rental of a carpet cleaner.

Big M
~A pair of my sneakers (not my husbands which were right next to mine).
~A pair of my heels (again, not my husbands sneakers which were also available).
~My magazines (not my husbands).
~The tivo remote (almost cried).
~10 feet (TEN FEET) of nylon leash that had to be surgically removed. He has still not forgiven our vet for this.
~Several of Baby A's pacifiers.
~Several of Baby A's books.
~Several of Baby A's hard plastic toys.
~Anything cardboard he can reach.
~A beautiful coffee table given to us as a house warming present.
~A wooden side table.
~A bamboo serving tray that we had on the ottoman to use as a table.
~The plastic toggles on every pair of blinds in the house.

Ruby (foster)
~a sheet of MDF that had been used to reinforce her crate

Just think, these saintly faces:

Have been responsible for this:

And this:

And this: 

And this:

And all the things we didn't take pictures of.

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