Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter has (almost) struck Georgia

There are many things I appreciate about living in Georgia. One of them is the wonderfully mild winters. I grew up in New Hampshire. My husband constantly teases me about being raised with Eskimos and Polar Bears. It does tend to be a bit chilly there from about October through April.

Georgia winters consist of about 10 days total of cold (i.e. below 35 degrees) weather spread between December and February and rarely any snow worth mentioning. However, when it does snow, it's awesome because everything shuts down and no one's expected to do anything other than stay home and play in it.

Today however, the forecast is ice. Which does make me nervous, even with my 'polar' upbringing. It's a 'late' morning chance though, clearing up after lunch and fine by evening. So, I'm at work. Watching the weather with an eagle eye just waiting for it to start looking bad so I can rush out and get Baby A and get home before it gets too bad. Mostly, I think it's going to be north of us and all the schools closed for no good reason. We'll see though.

I will of course have to stop for the required gallon of milk which every Georgian must buy for winter storms. I don't actually need bread or eggs, but sadly I am low on milk and Friday is my normal shopping day for those things. I don't know that I'll even find a gallon of milk in the store. For anyone who is not in the South, yes it's true; tease and make fun all you want, it's true. Any mention of snow or winter weather and the shelves of every store clear. It's actually a little frustrating for those of us who are actually out and need it for real, not just for storm.

In addition to milk, I always get the important things. Wine, beer and pizza.

Cheers! It's winter!!

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