Monday, January 14, 2013

Secret Shopping

I can't be the only one who does this. Right?

I handle the budget for our house and track incoming and outgoing money, make sure all the bills get paid on time, make sure we have money for our HOA dues every January and make sure that we have new pants or shoes occasionally when they're needed, etc, etc. My husband is great at asking me how much is in the budget and if there's room for the absolutely necessary saw that's on sale at Home Depot this week. I tend to buy things indiscriminately even if I know there isn't really room in the budget this week. I know I can move some things around come next pay period and never really feel the pinch. Especially if I buy something on my 'other' credit card. The one my husband never sees the balance to because it's my Banana Republic card. Granted the only things I put on there are clothes and I never let it get high, but if I decide I need a new pair of pants because my post maternity ones are drooping and looking sloppy, I just buy a pair of pants. My husband usually asks permission. I just buy, and then don't tell him.

That's not really bad is it? It's only kind of bad. I'm not taking food out of anyone's mouth. I may be sacrificing a few power tools, or a gallon of paint every once in a while so that I can get a fabulous pair of shoes, or top, or bins for Baby A's room to contain the toys, that's not a crazy splurge, right? Even if they're from Thirty-One and not Walmart, and cost $25 per bin instead of $10. They're so pretty though, and I'm supporting my Stay at Home Mom friend who's trying to bring in a little extra income. So it's practically charity and should be considered a good deed. Right?

I'm not the only one. I can't be.

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