Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heaven is a new hair cut

I haven't had my hair cut or colored since last April. And the only reason I had it done then was because I had a Groupon to what ended up being a mediocre cut and a very boring color. I can not tell you how excited I am. The idea of several hours of pampering just puts me on the highest cloud possible. I'm considering calling the salon back and seeing what massage services are available this afternoon too. Might as well just get it all done, right? At the very least I will get my eye brows waxed. Wouldn't a facial be wonderful?? Or just a nice little foot massage. It's been so long since my last pedicure that there is no polish left on my toes, and not because I removed it. It's just been that long that it has all grown out and chipped off. Probably a year. Ugghh.

Why do I no longer have time for these things anymore? I used to get pedicures monthly. I used to get my hair done regularly. I used to have the time and money for these things. I didn't used to consider them luxuries. Or maybe I just didn't think that much about it. Now, going out and spending several hours away from work or the house to spend several hundred dollars having my hair/nails/body cut/colored/waxed/peeled/massaged just seems a little excessive. However, I"m also not willing to step too far down, reference Groupon incident, but I truly believe that with hair, you get what you pay for. That is not to say that I have not had great hair cuts at Great Clips, I've had some pretty good ones, but they don't do color and I've also had some pretty bad cuts there too.

So, screw all of it, I"m getting my hair done and I'm going to look like this when they're through! :)

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