Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Million Dollar Idea

Again, cooking related. Maybe I need to take some classes or something so I can at least say I have some chef like experience.

I think it would be great to have an in home meal delivery service. I'm not talking take out, or anything all fancy or restaurant level menu selection. I mean, like what a normal person would normally make for their normal family, but just don't have time to. I can't tell you the number of times i looked around my kitchen, and then at the clock and wished there was something I could have delivered that was even moderately healthy. My only viable options are pizza and chinese. Not what I had in mind. But if someone could deliver a big bag full of baked chicken, steamed veggies and lightly buttered rice with a decent side salad I would be thrilled.

The name would be Mama's Kitchen and the mantra would be 'home made, home delivered'. It would be a very limited selection and just for delivery, no actual sit down restaurant. Just like anyone's house growing up. I know my parents said to me 'this isn't a restaurant, this is what's for dinner, eat it or don't.' I can't be the only one who heard some version of that.

Each night Mama's Kitchen opens for delivery at 5 and closes at 8; orders can be placed during the day. There would be three options, a meat, a fish and a casserole, that's it. The meat and fish dishes each come with a starch, a vegetable and a salad (no dressing). The casserole comes by itself, no sides, as individual portions, or a 13x9 family portion. Individual portions of all of these are actual portions. Not restaurant portions that are stupidly huge and unnecessary.

Anyway, that's my idea. I think the delivery side would be the part that could trip me up, but still, wouldn't it be great to have a 'real' meal arrive at your door, piping hot and ready to eat? I think so. I think it's a great idea!!

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