Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February in Review

In February I decided I had hit a very bad level of what had become 'normal' drinking.

I wasn't losing weight even though I was doing well with the eating side of my diet and I was exercising regularly, and I felt like crap more mornings that I would like to admit.

Starting February 7th I changed my habits.

During the month of February there were 9 days where I did not drink. Now, 9 out of 29 doesn't sound very good, but considering that previously it would have been maybe 2 (probably not even that) out of 29, that's a pretty good improvement and considering that I only started my personal challenge on the 7th, that's actually 9 out of 22. Which leaves 13 days of having had a drink. A 9/13 ratio sounds better doesn't it.

My goal for March will be 12 days no drinking. Three days a week basically. And on a day during the week that I do have a glass of wine, I have A glass of wine. As in, one. Not four. On the weekends I have 2-3 glasses. Instead of a bottle. Yes, a bottle.

I have kept up my calorie count on My Fitness Pal and with the minor issue of Girl Scout Cookies, have seen a major change in my daily calories for the last three weeks.

I have continued dropping weight. The last two mornings I weighed in at 121.8.

ONE TWENTY ONE POINT EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know the last time I think I saw that weight was at my wedding?

That is down 4.6 lbs.




In all fairness, I'm not really counting the 121.8 yet. It has to stick around a few more days before I log it into My Fitness Pal as an actual weight loss. Sometimes these things don't stay that low, you just have a couple really good days and then it goes back up. But still, 121.8. Wahoo!!

My clothes are fitting well.

I can run two miles without difficulty.

I have been fitting in 3-4 workouts a week (between running, yoga and Daily Burn).

Lizzy's teachers stopped me this week and asked me if I do a lot of yoga at home because Lizzy has been 'playing exercise' at school and mimicking me clearly enough that they knew she was doing yoga poses.

I am feeling stronger and more confident. Partly because I feel fitter, but mostly because I've proven that I can take control of my drinking and see results from it.

It's pretty exciting.

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