Thursday, February 25, 2016

At least it was a stomach bug

There's nothing like being sick to derail your exercise and diet plans. However, when it's a stomach bug it can at least be helpful in your weight loss goals.

Thankfully it was just a mild upset stomach that made me not want to eat (or workout) for three days, and the upside is, I lost two lbs!

And, I gained a running buddy over the weekend. Running has become something much more enjoyable for me lately. I guess that's what normally happens when you do it enough that you don't suck at it. I can now pretty steadily run about 2.5 miles without trouble. It has been a quiet solitary sort of outlet for me and I usually listen to music or a good book while out on my own.

It never actually occurred to me to find someone to run with, but one of our good friends in the neighborhood has seen my Map My Run posts on facebook and asked if I wanted to go running with her this past weekend. She has a daughter a bit younger than Ali so we planned in for Sunday at nap time when the Daddies could be reasonably trusted with the kids (ha ha) and went out for a run.

What fun that was! We talked and laughed the whole run and while it was a bit slower for me (closer to a 13 min mile than 12) but she had a better run than her previous time.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to do it again, this weekend is full with a birthday party directly in the middle of nap time on Saturday and plans with my mom on Sunday. Next weekend we're having a little birthday party for Lizzy even though her birthday was actually in Dec. This has been the first chance we've had to do something for her. My in laws are coming down and we're having a few of Lizzy's little friends from school over. But, I will definitely be getting together again for an afternoon run sometime soon.

Doing well with the wine battle too, again, stomach bug helps, but it's nice to write the little number on the calendar for another day with no wine.  And today, I'm wearing pre-Ali jeans that are normally just a little too snug for comfort. Yay!

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