Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cookie issue

Girls Scout cookies have arrived. My only sweet weakness.

I'm still counting those calories and it's really rough to see just how few thin mints it takes to add up to quite a lot of my snack calorie count for the day.

But, no wine Monday or Tuesday and only one glass on Wednesday.

Out of 10 days, 6 with no wine.

The regular sized bottle I opened on Sunday still has wine in it. Not the supersized bottles, the regular size. That's amazing in my house.

I ran on Tuesday and had my Personal Best mile at 12:04. The second mile was 13 minutes but the majority was on a wooded trail that was a bit muddy so I had to slow a bit anyway. Overall very happy about that.

I really want to get up in the morning and do a Daily Burn workout before getting started for the day but it is SO hard to drag myself out of bed at 5 am. Really, really hard.

I also want to do better at prepping things for the week. Dinners made and ready to go, salads prepped, snacks done, etc.

I need a good plan.

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