Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pity party is over, but wait til you hear the rest

So Monday and Tuesday were both good days and I'm feeling better. Yesterday I went for a run and for the first time since before I was pregnant with Ali, I ran the full two mile loop around our lake and felt great.

Last weekend was kind of crappy all the way around. I already mentioned the failed party but that was seriously just the icing on the cake. Here's what happened last weekend.

The oven died. It had been on the way out for a while but finally died Thursday night when my husband took a 'kill it or cure it' approach. He killed it. Waiting on parts now. $500.

The steam mop died. We have tile floors over about 700 sf of our downstairs and it's a dark colored wood look tile. In theory, I love them. In reality, they show every dirty footprint, slobber mark (dog), and dusty, dirty spec that falls. I sweep several times a week and mop every Friday afternoon. Mop died. $150.

Lacking an oven, I pulled out the crockpot to cook some chicken for dinner. Didn't have an actual crockpot meal planned, just tossed in some chicken and marinade and it all went well. After it was done, just for the sake of curiosity, I put in some frozen biscuits that I had initially planned to have with dinner...but no oven. They did cook. It took about an hour and a half at which point dinner was way over and my husband was busy cleaning the kitchen. He took the biscuits out of the pot, and put it immediately int o the sink to spray out with water. Cold water. On a hot crockpot. Crack! $80

On Saturday Lizzy woke up with a fever and telling me her ears hurt. I waited until Sunday to make sure the fever stuck, which it did, so we spent Sunday morning at Urgent Care to get her double ear infection diagnosis. $169

Saturday and Sunday were also bad days for my poor Big M. He is not doing well and has been struggling with extreme arthritis in his back end. He's been failing since late last summer and at this point the vet is amazed he's still moving, his x-rays are that bad. My husband took him out for a very short walk on Saturday and had to carry him back. 70 lbs of dog. Big M never recovered from it that day and on Sunday didn't move from his bed for most of the day even when we had (2) people over for the party. He's got me so stressed out that we're going to have to make a quality of life decision in the next couple months. It sucks.

So, Sunday afternoon. After everything. My mom called to check on Lizzy and I just started to cry at her. It was so overwhelming. It still is, but after a couple of nights of good sleep, healthy eating and a good run it's easier to deal with.

The pity party is over. Now to deal with all those broken pieces of my house and figuring out what I need to replace first.

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