Monday, September 9, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey...Teach???

There are some days where I just have to hang my head and sigh.

My husband is a very intelligent man. He really is. Whenever we come to a subject that he doesn't know something about, it's always very surprising to me.

Apparently, raising children falls into that category.

Not to say that I'm an expert, but I think some things should be fairly obvious.

For instance...

For Baby A's birthday we bought her a toddler slide. It's about 3 feet tall and fits in the coat closet when not in use. She loves it and frequently in the evenings we'll pull that out for her to play on.

Last week, one evening after dinner, we were watching baseball and Baby A was sliding down her slide having a great time.

My husband jumps up and says "Baby A watch this!!"

(let me just insert, anything your husband, brother, son, nephew, etc, etc, says that starts with 'watch this' should be considered very, very suspect.)

He then proceeds to put her on the top of the slide, facing backwards, and slide her down to the floor. At this the following conversation takes place.

Me: 'Don't teach her that. She's going to try it on her own, topple down the slide and hurt herself.'

Husband: 'She's not going to hurt herself, besides she's not on this unsupervised.'

Me: 'She's on it unsupervised enough, if I'm cooking dinner and the slide is out, my eyes aren't on her every minute. Besides, if you teach this to her here, she is going to think she can slide down every slide backwards.'

He harrumphed and kind of got the point. Or so I thought.

Last night, I was cooking dinner and my husband was playing with Baby A in the living room when I hear...

"Here, try this, go down face first..."

So, now I've had to warn our daycare lady that my very intelligent husband has been teaching our daughter to go down slides backwards and face first without any thought to the fact that she is highly likely to try this on a slide that is not 3 feet tall with a carpeted floor at the bottom...


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