Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Swaddle Problems

Baby A has her blankies. They are the swaddle blankets that I bought for her and they've been in her crib and now in her big girl bed basically since she was born. She has a funny habit of sleeping with a blanket over her face. Yes, it's completely disconcerting as a parent to have your child's face covered, but I learned pretty quickly that it was done by choice and unless I wanted a screaming infant, to let her do her own thing.

Now that I think about it, that seems to be a pretty standard mantra with her.

Buy anyway, this was when she was old enough to be fairly mobile in her crib, not a newborn, so the risk of suffocation was pretty low, but, to ease my own anxiety I would give her the light, linen swaddle blankets that were easy to breath through.

These have turned into her blankies and overall I'm very happy with the fact that we have four of them. I know parents who've dealt with horror situations where the one and only 'thing' has disappeared, whether it's a blanket, toy, pacifier, doll, animal, etc, etc. When there's only one, and it's gone, there can be no good outcome 99% of the time.

Baby A has four and they're completely interchangeable. She has no preferences. All in all, not that bad.

They're a perfect size too. Somewhere around 36x36 or 40x40. I found that size to be really perfect when you're swaddling a 5 lb infant. They're kind of little and the more standard size of 46x46 was really a lot of extra material. We had one of those too, but rarely used it because we'd have to wrap it around her ten times.

Well, now that we have baby #2 on the way, we always knew we were going to have to buy new swaddle blankets. There's just no way Baby A is going to give up hers, which I wouldn't expect anyway, but overall my thought process was to get the same type but in new colors/patterns so they looked completely different.

And there's the problem.

I can't find them.


Ok, anywhere means they're not on Amazon and not on Target.com. That to me is pretty much the entire universe of online shopping.

I suppose I could go into a Target and actually look for them (argh) but I think I'd rather just complain about it. Plus if I go into Target, I never leave with just what I need. I always have to pick up a few things that jump off the shelves and into my cart and I'm just not ready to do that yet. Especially since I did it last weekend. I went in to buy pajama's for Baby A and left $90 later...yeah, *sigh* that's just how it goes and actually 'only' $90 is a pretty light day for Target.

I will probably have to cave and go in search of them because I really do love that size and while they're not the 'popular' brand right now (hello aden!) that's really what I want.

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