Wednesday, December 11, 2013

16 Days - I want a donut.

Good lord, that's just scary to type!

16 Days.

And that's assuming I make it until the 27th, which no one is betting on.

I have a short list of things to do for Christmas. I haven't finished wrapping yet and need to get stocking stuffers for Baby A.

I have a short list of things that need to happen in preparation for the new baby, but they're all pretty minor. Things that should they not happen before the baby comes, won't be a huge deal, but things that I would like to get done ahead of time if I can.

I have friends calling wanting to schedule visits and play dates before we have the new baby.

I have family calling wanting to schedule visits for after we have the new baby.

I have a few things left to finish up at work, but not many.

I am also losing my sweet tooth battle. I have been so good all the way through. I just keep telling myself I only have two weeks left. Two weeks and then this horrendous hormonal based craving will go away. I just have to make it though.

But I want a donut. I want a Dunkin Donut. A chocolate cake, glazed donut. Only, I don't want one. I want about six. And if I get one, and only one, I'll just be mad.

Add to that the crazy amount of desserts that were around for Thanksgiving. And that my SIL visited this past weekend and made caramel popcorn. And left it all with us!!


27 lbs gained. Really, I'm doing so well that I can just let go the last two weeks right? I mean, I may go into labor tomorrow, so I should go ahead and eat the donuts, right?


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