Thursday, December 12, 2013

Morning Miracles

There are a lot of mornings where, by the time Baby A and I sit down in the car to head to Mama T's, I can't for the life of me remember the sequence of events that lead up to actually pulling out of the garage.

There are mornings where I would swear we were on time. I could have sworn that I was out of the shower early, hair done, and had Baby A up, fed, dressed and ready to go with time to spare, but then we sit down in the car, and when the clock comes on it's 7:32.

I aim to be out the door between 7:20 and 7:25. That is on time, anywhere in those 5 minutes is on time. Anything before 7:20 is early and anything after 7:25 is late.

Yesterday morning, Baby A woke up happy, ate her breakfast just fine, brushed her teeth, everything should have been smooth, but, turned the car on, 7:28. Late.

This morning was a mess. I ran out of energy last night to give Baby A a bath, and she needed one, desperately. My husband had a work thing last night so he wasn't there to help so I just decided to give her a fast one in the morning. Now I knew I was asking for trouble going that route. Baby A loves to take baths. LOVES them. She loves the water, loves to play, loves to be in there and I knew that trying to get her in and out quickly without the playtime normally involved was going to create a scene. My goal was just to power through but the whole morning turned into one big tantrum. I finally got her out of the tub, hair dried, only half dressed and downstairs for breakfast and I already felt like I needed a nap.

Once I got her some breakfast and got some pants on her, things settled down and I was able to get myself dressed and ready to go. At that point I looked at the clock. Baby A was just about done with breakfast, I was ready to go, she just had to put on her jacket, and it was 7:15.

We were in the car and pulling out of the garage at 7:24.

On time.

How the hell does this work?

I have calm, happy, smooth mornings and am 10-15 minutes late getting out.

I have manic, screaming, snot filled mornings, and am out on time or early.

There is something very unfair about that whole set up.


  1. LOL, sadly I can totally relate to this! I just try to do the best I can, stay calm and go with the flow. Raising kids is freaking hard work, right?