Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa 2013

When Baby A was just over three months old, we took her to see Santa for the first time. It's at a local tree farm that he and I have been going to for years and they have a great Santa. We really thought that at 3 months old we could get at least one year in of a nice photo with Santa before it became a big deal.

She screamed!

Of course I don't have those photos on my computer here but it was pretty impressive.

Last year she was just over a year, about 15 months or so.

Yeah, totally let him have it, wouldn't even get near him.

This year we spent a little while watching the other kids visit with Santa first and have their picture taken and then get a candy cane. Well, Baby A really wanted a candy cane. Really REALLY wanted a candy cane. We told her that if she cried at him, Santa might not give her one.

She tried so hard. Very, very hard and my husband pretty much captured the whole thing scene by scene from grudging acceptance to tears.


As far as I'm concerned that is the most hysterical set of photos ever. 

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