Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I love Phantom

For my birthday my husband got us tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera. As it turns out the last weekend of the show was on our anniversary. He was brilliant and got tickets to the 2:00 afternoon show rather than the evening. That worked out well, because with both girls not feeling well last week, the night before the show had several late night/early morning wake ups.

I have been dying to see Phantom since I was in high school (just a few years ago) and had never had the chance.

So, Saturday morning my mom came over to watch the girls and my husband and I went to the Fox Theater.

I was beyond excited. This was a dream for me. A true 'bucket list', 'my life is not complete without it' type of moment.

It was magical.

It was perfect.

Just hearing the music performed by a live orchestra was phenomenal, fantastical, beyond my ability to convey in words. I literally cried, tears running down my face as the music came up and the actors sang and I knew every word. All of them. Not just the songs, I know the whole play, line for line, I know it all. I could have hopped up on stage and played every character and I had never managed to see the show before. It felt like they were putting on the whole show just for me. I know there was a full, completely packed, theater around me, but for the entire duration of the performance, they weren't there. Even my husband wasn't there, it was just me and the music. The wonderful music that has always had a pull on my heart since I first heard it.

(Images from the Fox Theater website. I did not take pictures during the performance!)

It was such an overwhelming and magical experience. I want to see it a hundred more times. 

I love the Phantom of the Opera.

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  1. Oh I LOVE Phantom too and it sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I love how you described everything! That's so sweet your husband got you tickets. What an absolutely perfect night!!