Monday, November 10, 2014

My little eater

Elle loves food. She is 10 months old and has eight teeth, four top, four bottom, and I have not bought baby food in probably a month, maybe a little more. She eats what we eat. I just dice up whatever we're having for dinner, and she has it too, with gusto.

She's eaten, chicken, pork, spaghetti with meat sauce, mac n cheese, zucchini, green beans, peas, carrots, chicken noodle soup, sweet potato, meatloaf, rice and beans, I can't even continue trying to remember what variety of things we've given her. The only thing she's protested is broccoli.

It's not small amounts either. This was her dinner last night. Ham, peas and left over mac n cheese from our lunch out at The Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. I think that's a lot of food for a 10 month old to feed herself.

Eating with gusto, and supervision...

The remnants.

After that, she had about a third a cup of pineapple, a small handful of raisins and a few cheerios.


This child eats!

This child is also wearing a size 18 month outfit in the picture. Ali didn't fit into size 18 month clothes until she was almost two years old. Elle is 10 months.

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