Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My little runner

Ali is a runner. For real. I half way feel like, at three years old, I need to get her a coach. She's a runner.

This weekend we needed to get Elle some real shoes, her first pair, and upon inspection, Ali's sneakers were a little worse for wear and getting a little tough to put on, so I figured her feet had grown.

So off we went to the mall for shoes and a girls morning out.

The last time I bought Ali shoes was right after the accident at Mama T's and we had to suddenly switch Ali to a new school. At that time I made a big deal about her being such a big girl, going to school, and getting to pick her new shoes, and new backpack, trying to make it exciting. That's how we ended up with pink sparkly shoes that light up. Not that they've been bad sneakers, but as I said, Ali is a runner, and she destroys her shoes, she plays so hard. The pink sparkly shoes didn't quite hold up well.

So this time I told her we were going to go buy her some really fast running shoes, just like Daddy wears. She was so exited.

We did actually get a pair of solid running shoes, which I didn't get a picture of at the time. This one's from school today.

(I love that I get pictures all day from the school of both girls).

After shoes, we met Daddy out for some lunch.

And then Sunday after church, I promised Ali we would go for a run.

My husband stayed home with Elle, and Ali and I went down to the lake by our house for a 'run'.

Or what I thought would be a 'run'.

She was still wearing her dress from church, and we just put her sneakers on instead of her church shoes. I'm glad I put on my sneakers too since once we got down to the lake, we went running.

And I was out run by a three year old, in a dress.

She wanted to chase me, so, off I went at a light jog to be chased. I peeked over my shoulder to see Ali directly behind me, gaining fast! Yikes! I had to speed up! Way up! I ended up running at a pace above my normal 'comfort' level, which ok, is sad to begin with, but really, this girl kept up and we went for awhile. Granted there were breaks, and we took turns chasing and being chased, but we did probably about a mile total, easily.

After that, we went back to the house and Ali had a THREE HOUR NAP!

So, I got in some exercise, she got some quality outside time, and then I got a fabulously quiet afternoon. Elle ended up taking a super long nap too and so did my husband (what he would call 'watching' football).

So, we're going to be making a after lunch 'run' a regular thing.

BTW- my legs hurt today! So sad!

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  1. That is SO AMAZING that she is only three and already likes to run! How cool is that!? What a fun way to get exercise too. I also think that's so great you get pictures from your girl's schools every day. I love that!