Friday, April 24, 2015

Getting my motivation back

After being out of town on a work trip for a week.

Then home on my own with the girls for the weekend.

Then crazy busy at work catching up.

Then sick.

It's been really hard to maintain any semblance of diet or exercise plan and I"m up almost 3 lbs from where I had been at the beginning of April. *blech*

I also feel slower, heavier and completely unmotivated.

So, I just bought a bathing suit.

A once piece, not a biniki, but still. Something to hang on the door and stare at, knowing I have to wear that sucker in a few months (weeks).

Pretty basic, nice low back though, I don't like the high back suits.

So, that's the plan.

Run more.

Eat less.

Five weeks until pool season begins.

Silly picture of Ali.

We're having some work done on the house and my husband couldn't resist snapping some shots of her on the bobcat the workers left yesterday. Wait until you see all the changes we've done the last few weeks, it's pretty exciting!

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