Thursday, April 30, 2015


Maybe I needed to tap into my competitive nature to really figure out how to enjoy running.

Maybe I needed my fancy super supportive running shoes.

Maybe I needed the awesome app to show me how far and long I was running.

I think it was mostly the awesome app. I had always run on a treadmill so I could see how far I'd gone and have a nice little calorie counter there to show me how many glasses of wine I could drink that evening. But running on a treadmill is an incredibly different experience.

Like, really, really different.

I still like the treadmill but it feels a whole lot different to actually move your body instead of having something under you move with or without your assistance.

Yesterday I ran a mile without walking at an 11:29 pace.

I ran a total of 1.64 miles in 20 minutes (with a little bit of walking).

Right now I'm mostly limited by the fact that I have to pick up the girls and depending on when I get out of the office, that determines the amount of time I have to run. But I'm increasing my pace and increasing the distance I can run in a given time period.

I'm gaining actual confidence in my ability to run and I'm having fun.

Those are things I never would have expected from running.

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